The MOG Project Partners with The Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association

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The MOG Project is thrilled to announce our partnership with The Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association (SRNA) to advance our shared mission in supporting the MOG-AD community and expanding our knowledge of alike neuroimmune disorders.


In December of 2017, Julia Lefelar, Executive Director of The MOG Project, was suggested by her neurologist, Dr. Michael Levy, MD, PhD, then affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, to join the Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association (SRNA) formerly the Transverse Myelitis Association (TMA). Julia, Kristina Lefelar, Cynthia Albright, and Amy Ednie banded together to establish The MOG Project under the SRNA’s umbrella. This was the first presence of MOG-AD represented under a nonprofit organization to provide support, education, and a community for MOG-AD patients. The SRNA generously shared their resources with The MOG Project and provided an online platform with accurate disease information for MOG-AD patients. We are excited to officially continue our partnership with the SRNA to expand our advocacy efforts, ensure that our resources are consistent, and enhance both of our overall missions.


Julia Lefelar comments, “We have been blessed to be able to work with SRNA and through our common efforts have made significant progress in providing the best information to the MOG-AD community. We are thankful for our strong and lasting relationship and are thrilled to continue working with such a caring organization, which can certainly only make our work together better.”


Amy Ednie, President of The MOG Project added, “Over the last 2 years, with the support of SRNA we have co-produced remarkable material for the MOG-AD community. We are so pleased to officially become a partner and continue this relationship for the good of a global and growing group of patients and caregivers. In partnership, we can better provide hope for a growing community navigating a new frontier in neuroimmune disorders.”


Sandy Siegel, the President of SRNA, remarked, “We are grateful for the partnership with The MOG Project. Our hope is that by working together we can improve the quality of life for those in our community who have MOG antibody disease.”


To learn more about the SRNA, please click here.

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