Announcing Our New Sponsor: Gina Hessburg

The MOG Project has partnered with Gina Hessburg, an art buyer and producer.  Gina, along with the support of her advertising community, is self-publishing a book called Blowing UP about her life with Rafael.  Blowing Up provides a light-hearted look at life with a rare autoimmune disease.  Gina has dedicated $5 of each book sale to go towards ON research and support.  She has also dedicated 10% of all funds raised to The MOG Project.

Read all about Rafael and Gina’s creative project by visiting the Rafael page on our website as well as our our blog about Gina called  Introducing Rafael: A Partnership Story. Follow the links on these pages to sign up for her newsletter, and buy a book or two to help the cause.  Feel free to share with a few friends.  Have a laugh and help our community at the same time!

Kristina Lefelar | Media Relations |

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