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Connect with the MOGAD Community

Making connections to resources and fellow MOGAD community members helps to empower you to ensure you are armed with enough knowledge to advocate for yourself and make the best decisions you can with the help of your medical professional.  Through our efforts and those of our partners, we are dedicated to provide the platforms that facilitates making those important connections.

Our Virtual Support Groups

We offer virtual support groups for both adults and parents of kids with MOGAD through Zoom.  Our meetings are announced on social media, but the best way to keep abreast of upcoming meetings is to register for our email list below.  Visit our Support Groups page to register for one of our next scheduled meetings!

We also invite you to join one of our Facebook Groups devoted to Support for patients with MOGAD:

MOG Antibody / Anti MOG Support and Info Facebook Group.  Here those with MOGAD provide support and information about their experience.  This group is private only to those who have MOGAD and their caregivers and close relatives. 

MOG/NMOSD Support for Young Adults is a Facebook group for young adults 18-20.  It is managed by Becca Salky, our Wings of Hope Lifting the MOG Fog zoom support group leader.

Adults with MOG Antibody Disease (MOGAD) Zoom Support Group is a Facebook group for adults of any age (18+).  It is managed by Julia Lefelar and Andrea Mitchell who run the Wings of Hope, MOG Sloggers: Finding our Way Together zoom support group.

Support for Parents and Caregivers of Kids with MOGAD is a Facebook group for parents and caregivers of kids with MOGAD. It is managed by Dawn and Brian Groves who run the Wings of Hope, Lil’ Hummingbird Nest zoom support group.

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