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Clinical Trials

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Patient involvement in clinical trials is crucial to our community. The first ever clinical trial for MOGAD was announced in October of 2021!  As research moving forward, there will be more clinical trials in the near future.

Please Keep checking all trial links as sites are continually being identified

Learn about Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial and how does it work?

The two videos below provide a great overview of clinical trials in general, and those clinical trials for current and future studies for MOGAD.

Our contacts at Roche/Genentech have generously supplied a great video for you to watch to help you understand what you need to know about clinical trials in general.  Watch the video below for a great overview:




If you are thinking about joining any clinical trial for MOGAD, you really need to watch this discussion between Dr. Michael Levy from the Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan from Concord Hospital, University of Sydney, who teach us about the designand execution of clinical trials and what we as patients can expect when joining a clinical trial for MOGAD.

Current Clinical Trials for MOGAD


Sponsored by UCB Biopharma SRL

Learn more about the study from the CosMOG website.

There is also more information and someone to connect to to answer questions and help connect you to specialists at KnowRare.

Watch these videos to help you understand the cosMOG Trial

The two videos below provide a great review of what Rozanolixizumab does as well as a friendly discussion with Dr. Michael Levy and two MOGAD patients who are currently in the clinical trial.

CosMOG Over Coffee: The Patient Perspective

The Latest from The MOG Initiative

Watch This video to help you understand the METEOROID Trial

The video below provides a great review of what Satralizumab does and what to expect when you enter a clinical trial.  The slides presented in the video are available below as well and include a downloadable, accessible PDF version that you can also print and take to your doctor.

Michael on Meteoroid for MOGAD: Understanding the Satralizumab Clinical Trial

The infographics below will help you understand the process in this trial courtesy of


While not yet a clinical trial, one of the most exciting areas of research is Tolerization for the MOG antibody.  It is also being looked at for the AQP-4 antibody as well, which is detectable in many NMOSD patients.

The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation has this page on the subject.  We share this with you so that you can watch as this area of research develops:


Pioneer | Curative Therapies


It is hoped that this will trnaslate to clinical trials in the near future.