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MOGCasts & Videos

Looking for answers right out of the mouths of experts? Here you will find videos from our MOGCast series, informative Q&A Discussions as well as podcasts and informative videos created in collaboration with our partners.

Upcoming Events

April 9, 2024, 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Register here for a Q&A Webinar where we learn about the latest advancements in treatments for MOGAD. Dr. Grace Gombolay from Emory and Dr. Elias Sotirchos from Johns Hopkins will share their expertise and insights into current treatment approaches. Submit questions prior to the event here.

Teal Background with a person looking away waering headphones. Ask the Expert MOGCast. April 11, 2024. Understanding Cortical Encephalitis. Eoin Flanagan, MD.

April 11, 2024, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Register here for a Q&A Webinar where we explore the complexities of cortical encephalitis with Dr. Eoin Flanagan from Mayo Clinic. Gain a deeper understanding of this condition, its symptoms, diagnosis, and management strategies. Submit questions prior to the event here.

Our MOGCasts are Q&A webinars are announced through our email distribution and on our social media.  To stay connected and get notified of upcoming events, please visit our Connect page.

If you are unable to attend any of our MOGCasts, the recording will be available on our YouTube Channel.

Special Presentation Videos

Read the Follow-Up MOG Blog for more questions asked and answered that were not in this video.

Previous MOGCast Series

MOGAD Clinical Trials 101

If you are thinking about joining any clinical trial for MOGAD, you really need to watch this discussion between Dr. Michael Levy from the Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan from Concord Hospital, University of Sydney, who teach us about the designand execution of clinical trials and what we as patients can expect when joining a clinical trial for MOGAD.

Michael on Meteoroid for MOGAD: Understanding the Satralizumab Clinical Trial

If you are thinking about joining the Meteoroid clinical trial for Satralizumab for MOGAD, you really need to watch this discussion between Dr. Michael Levy and Becca Salky, two of the members of the team running the trial at the Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.  They break it down for us with the help of Becca who is also one of our MOG Project Champions!

Navigating Through the International MOGAD Panel Proposed Diagnostic Criteria

This is a must-watch, sponsored by Hoffmann-La Roche and UCB Biopharma on the hot topic of the Proposed MOGAD Diagnostic Criteria! in this episode, we are joined by¬†Dr. Brenda Banwell from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as well as¬†Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan from Concord Hospital in Sydney. We discuss how patients can work with their doctors to navigate their way to understanding the new proposed criteria, what this may mean for them and their path to good care, and how to talk to their doctor about it. Co-moderated by¬†Peter Fontanez and Jenny Khazen Rodrigues.

Pediatric & Adult MOGAD Diagnosis & Management from a European Perspective

In this next installment in the series, sponsored by Hoffmann-La Roche and UCB Biopharma, we are joined by Dr. Friedemann Paul from the NeuroCure Clinical Research Center, Cherite Universitatsmedizin in Berlin, Germany as well as Dr Cheryl Hemingway from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, UK. We are discussing the specifics of diagnosis and disease management as it currently is done in both Germany and the UK in order to better inform patients of MOGAD what to expect when seeing an expert in this rare neuroimmune disorder. Co-moderated by¬†Julia Lefelar and Becca Salky.

Overlaps & Differences Between MOGAD, MS & NMOSD

In the second sit-down with The Australian Dream Team in Neuroimmunology, we discuss some of the hottest topics regarding MOGAD titers, diagnosis and treatment in the wake of a new International Proposed Diagnostic Criteria. Special thanks to Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan, Professor Russell Dale and Professor Fabienne Brilot of the University of Sydney, Sydney Australia.

The State of MOGAD Research From a Therapeutics Perspective

In yet another installment as part of our MOGCast series, we sat down with Dr. Ben Greenberg, one of the leading researchers in rare neuroimmune disorders to discuss emerging therapeutics in the not so distant future. His expert insight, care and compassion for patients makes him one of the best experts to see for not only MOGAD, but all rare neuroimmune conditions as well.

Understanding the Differences Between MS & MOGAD & How the National MS Society MS Navigator Can Help

In another installment of the MOGCast series, we talk with¬†Dr. Tanuja Chitnis about her experience differentiating diagnoses for patients who may not have a clear distinction between MS and MOGAD. We also talk with Abigail Vacca from the¬†National MS Society’s MS Navigator Team to discuss what services are offered by this incredible organization.

MOGAD: Diagnosis, Management and Outcomes

Join us as The MOG Project discusses the lastest in MOGAD with The Australian Dream Team: Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan,¬†Professor Russell Dale and¬†Professor Fabienne Brilot from the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. They discuss everything they know from their extensive research and clinical work in MOGAD, answering some of the day’s hot topics in the minds of MOGAD patients all over the world.

MOGAD Diagnosis: Testing and TIters

Our first in the MOGCast series, this video takes a deep dive into diagnosis as it relates to difficult cases, and MOGAD titers. We welcome Dr. Eoin Flanagan and Dr. John Chen from The Neuroimmunology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic.

The Latest from The MOG Initiative

Nov 23, 2021

In this second in our MOGCast Series, Dr. Michael Levy, who runs the Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, talks about the latest news concerning The MOG Initiative, including details on the first clinical trial in MOGAD.


ADEM Academy is a collaborative, multi-part education podcast series designed to educate, and create awareness regarding acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, or ADEM. Through this podcast series, we hope to support families, children, and clinicians during and through a diagnosis. Ultimately, our hope is to ensure an accurate and timely diagnosis of those with encephalopathy (abnormal functioning of the brain). Prompt diagnosis and treatment of ADEM may reduce or prevent the worsening of symptoms, leading to better outcomes.

Other Collaborative Podcasts

Some of our podcasts have been created in collaboration with our partner the Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association and are part of their “Ask the Expert Podcast Series.” We are proud to share a collection of podcasts on MOG-AD here with their permission.

To learn more about this podcast, please visit the SRNA “Ask the Expert Podcast Series” on the SRNA website here.

MOG Antibody Disease: Adult and Pediatric Presentations

Behavioral And Psychological changes In Demyelinating Conditions | Part 2

Behavioral and Psychological Changes in Demyelinating Conditions

Pediatric MOG Antibody-Associated Disease and ADEM

Fatigue and Rare Neuroimmune Disorders

What is MOG Antibody-Assocated Disease?

For more information on MOG-AD and other rare neuroimmune disorders, please visit: