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MOGmentum Series 4:
Understanding Symptoms and Relapse Management

The fourth in a collaborative series of informational graphics brought to you by

The MOG Project and The Sumaira Foundation for NMO

We are pleased to present PDF files available for download that support the visually impaired
available in English.
Stay tuned for more languages to come!

Helpful Forms For Managing Your Disease

These forms can be downloaded and printed to fill out manually, or filled out online and saved electronically on your mobile device so that they can be easily shared with medical professionals.

This Action Plan form can be used to create a written agreement with your doctor on what actions will be taken when your relapse level of concern is red, yellow and green.




This Emergency Plan Form can be used to document information for an Emergency Room or Accident and Emergency visit.  Vital information about your disease and what medicines have helped in the past can be added and reviewed by your doctor in case your medical team cannot be reached.

Track your relapses with this MOG-AD Relapse Tracker.  It is important to have good records for doctor and ER visits!