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This series is brought to you by The MOG Project in collaboration with our partner, The Sumaira Foundation for NMO. These educational graphics are designed to unravel the mystery surrounding this rare disorder as researchers continue to break new ground in research.

Cover Page for MOGmentum Series 1

MOGmentum Series #1

The premier of the series provides an overview of MOG-AD with the help of Michael Levy, MD, PhD

Title Page Mogmentum Series #2

MOGmentum Series #2

With the help of Tanuja Chitnis, MD, FAAN this series is designed to help patients of MOG-AD learn about the diseases associated with the MOG Antibody and what they can expect as far as diagnosis when experiencing one or more attacks.

MOGmentum Series #3

MOGmentum Series #3

This series helps MOG-AD patients to understand treatments for acute vs. preventive attacks with guidance from Bart Chwalisz, MD