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The MOG Initiative

The Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Michael Levy
Dr, Michael Levy

Dr. Levy and the staff at The Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory are pleased to share their research plans to help understand, diagnose, treat, and hopefully, one day, cure MOG Antibody Disease (MOGAD):

  • Creation of an online survey of MOG patients to determine efficacy of therapies

             In partnership with The MOG Project, they are reaching out to MOG patients in order to create a database of information that will help determine the best treatments for MOGAD.  They will publish the results of this survey to help patients and their physicians make informed decisions.  They may also use the information garnered to develop clinical trials in MOG antibody disease.

  • Mouse models to investigate tolerization

            They have been using mouse models to help develop therapies that will re-educate the immune system to stop attacking the myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG). 

            They are currently working with two companies to create pathways of potential tolerization in MOG mice with the goal to move these approaches to trials in humans.

  • Exploration of repurposing existing medications to stop MOG disease activity

            They are looking into the possibility that existing medications might be used to treat MOGAD.

In partnership with The MOG Project and researchers from the University of Missouri, they will take blood samples from patients and examine the levels of natural oxysterols (cholesterol compounds). The goal is to understand the role of cholesterol products in MOG antibody disease and to find new ways to stop MOG disease activity.

  • Upcoming clinical trials for MOGAD patients.

Dr, Levy recenly announced the FIRST EVER Clinical Trial for MOG-AD as shown in the video below.  Two more are expected in the coming months. When these trials launch, they will reach out to you, the patient community, to determine if you want to participate in a trial.

Let's hear the latest from Dr. Levy about what's happening at the MOG Initiative

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For more videos for The MOG Initiative, please visit our YouTube Channel for The MOG Initiative here.

As they pursue these avenues of research, your help is needed to make it happen

Here are some ways to participate: