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Research & Grant Funding

Many of the Members of our Medical Advisory Board work as clinicians for MOGAD patients in addition to their involvement in important research to further understanding of this relatively new disease which has an ever-changing landscape.  Their work is often exploring a new frontier.  We are pleased to provide a series of pages designed to highlight the important research publications and clinical trials by each center of of MOGAD research.  These publications are supplied with full permission from the experts on our Medical Advisory Board

"The Neuroimmunology Laboratory of research and clinical trials "

The Neuroimmunology Laboratory
The Mayo Clinic

Dr. John Chen, Dr. Sean Pittock, and Dr. Eoin Flanagan support our mission by providing their latest research publications from The Mayo Clinic Neuroimmunology Laboratory, where remarkable work in research for of MOGAD has been performed. Their work in the area of MOGAD has made a huge impact in recent years. Our community is lucky to benefit from the resources presented by these experienced researchers and clinicians.

The NMO Clinic and Research Laboratory of MOG Project

The MOG Initiative
The Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Michael Levy is the head of The Neuroimmunology Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. His research in Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) and Transverse Myelitis (TM) is globally recognized. As he expands his research in the areas of rare neuroimmune disorders, MOGAD patients are now the recipient of his expertise as part of his MOG Initiative.

Grants for Research

Researchers: Explore MOGAD research funding opportunities.