How will we use your donation?

The MOG Project is a Maryland-based official 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to our local, national and international MOG-AD community.  As a 100% volunteer organization, our mission is to educate, support, and push for research in hopes of finding a cure.

However, we cannot do this without your help in providing funds.

NO donation is too small and will make a difference in the quality that we can provide.  Please consider a donation to help us help you!

Here are some of the areas where your donation has an impact:

  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information for education for MOG-AD patients, caregivers and doctors.
  • Aiding researchers to collect important data for use and consideration in MOG-AD research.
  • Raising funds (big or small) to support MOG-AD and related research.
  • Addressing high volume concerns with renowned experts.
  • Providing awareness materials for support of MOG-AD patients, promote our advocacy mission and bringing awareness to this rare disorder.

We have a few ways to help you donate:

Some Super-Easy Ways

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Still Pretty Easy, Especially when you do a Recurrent Donation

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We give you the choice of either donating to our mission or directly to The MOG Initiative!

Consider a Buck a Week!
No donation is too small

Donate to The MOG Project to support our mission:
Donate directly to Dr. Levy’s MOG Initiative:
Kenny shows his Fear the Bird t-shirt under a rainbow of hope
Kenny shows off his Fear the Bird t-shirt under a rainbow of hope

Jim Broutman's Foundation at The Mayo Clinic's Neuroimmue Research Laboratory

After a horrific and serious bout of optic neuritis and transverse myelitis which was attributed to the MOG Antibody, our own Chief Media Officer, Jim Broutman, with the help of Dr. Sean Pittock, set up his own foundation allowing people to donate directly to the Mayo Clinic Neuroimmune Research Laboratory specifically to support MOG-AD research.  Please consider supporting this great effort in research, please follow the link below:

Join Jim Broutman in Supporting MOG IgG Associated Disorder Research at Mayo Clinic

For those who prefer donations by Mail

Please send your check made out to The MOG Project and send to:

The MOG Project

P.O. Box 936

Olney, Maryland 20830-0936

Please provide a return address or email so that we can send a receipt for your tax records as all donations are tax-deductible

Pro-tip: also completely free for us, so more of your $$ goes to where it will make the most impact.