Ignition Surveys

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The MOG Project has launched a series of non-medical community surveys designed with patient experience in mind to provide food-for-thought to researchers and medical professionals in hopes of IGNITING ideas for new research areas of need. Our surveys are reviewed by members of our Medical Advisory Board as well as an Internal Review Board (IRB) chosen by our Medical Advisory Board Members.

Your participation in these surveys will help us collect important information that we can share with MOG-AD researchers, medical professional and drug companies to help guide the direction of future scientific studies. It is important to note that due to recruiting methodology, this respondent pool may skew towards patients with more severe cases of MOG-AD.

Special thanks to the members of the MOG-AD community and their caregivers for participating in this survey.

Past Survey Results

Ignite MOGAD Research by participating in our Ignition Survey: Fatigue in MOGAD. Rocket ship igniting for takeoff with The MOG Project and MyMyelitis logos

Ignition Survey #2

This survey focuses on understanding fatigue and its impact on the MOG-AD Community

Ignition Survey #1 Cover Image

Ignition Survey #1

This survey focuses on treatment practices among those in the MOG-AD Community